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With the summer long gone and the festive season just beginning, it may be time to give your home a well-deserved revamp. Whether you're looking to give your wooden floor a fresh, new coat of varnish or replace it completely, see what we recommend...

It’s a common misconception that solid oak is more durable or longer lasting than engineered. It can be, but it all depends on what quality of engineered board you purchase and what the oak is treated with. Read this article for more information...

220mm x 21mm oak flooring with clear treatment

Our 'Supreme' 220mm x 21mm engineered oak boards were used in this unique stainless steel clad 1960's house near Godalming, Surrey. The traditional light oak colour and natural beauty within the timber work beautifully with this modern...

Customer Feedback

220 x 15 oak treated with satin Treatex HWO
Feedback received from customers based in Taunton, Somserset. Mr & Mrs Squance chose to lay the 'Classic' 220mm x 15mm engineered oak flooring treated with clear satin Treatex hardwax oil in their garden room and were delighted with the results. They sent us back the following... more
We often contact our customers a while after supplying them with their flooring to obtain feedback and ensure we have helped them as much as possible. We found Mrs Perrott's response rather brilliant and wanted to share it with you
Engineered wood flooring in a house in Harrow, North London
Mr Ardiaca decided to use the very high quality 21mm thick 'Supreme' 220mm x 21mm engineered oak flooring in his kitchen / diner. He finished the floor using a clear matt Treatex hardwax oil which gives him the durability and stain resistance required for this area of his property